Pastry & Breakfast Items

Breakfast Sandwich $3.99

Sage and brown sugar sausage or Maplewood bacon, cheese and a farm fresh egg served on your choice of bagel.

Croissant Breakfast Sandwich $4.75

Steel Cut Oatmeal $3.95

Ask about today’s toppings.

Cinnamon Bun $3.50

House made specialty! Rich butter and brown sugar filling finished in cream cheese buttercream.


Breakfast ends at 11am unless otherwise indicated by HipSTIR.

Bagel $1.95

Pound Cake $2.50

Croissant $3.00

Breakfast Bread $2.75

Muffins $2.50

Coffee Cake $3.25

Pain Au Chocolate $3.50

Scone $3.00


All meats prepared in house, freshly roasted, antibiotic and nitrate free.
Bread options include White, Whole Wheat, Udi’s Gluten Friendly or a Whole Wheat Wrap.

Sandwiches $9.95

Turkey & Cheddar

Turkey, apple butter BBQ spread, granny smiths and NYS XXX cheddar on grilled what panini.

Mommas Meatloaf

Grassfed beef, pickled carrots and tomato brown sugar dijonaise on country white.

Ham and Raja

Fresh ham, red pepper salsa, cojita cheese and pineapple on white.

Veggie Delight

Pumpkin hummus, cucumber, tomato and spinach with sprouts on whole grain.

Simple Sandwich

Create your own with Turkey, Ham or Meatloaf, paired with LTO, mayo or dijon mustard, cheddar or cojita cheese, on your choice of bread.

Soup & Salad


Mediterranean Salad Plate $10.75

Mixed greens, olives, roasted peppers, grape leaves, hummus, tabbouleh, feta, cucumber, tomato and grilled pita. Add chicken for $3.

Classic Caesar $8.95

German Potato Salad $10.95

Yukon golds, shredded baby brussel sprouts, baked apple, pepitas, red onion and herb bacon poppy vinaigrette.

Bowls $11.95

Black Forest Mole Bowl

Roasted pork loin, Areminan cherry and cocoa mole, pinto beans, quinoa, fire roasted peppers, onions and charred corn.

Gyro Bowl

Greek style slab bacon, garlic and lemon oregano marinated roma tomatoes, tatziki dressing, red onion and noodles.


Soup Cup $3 — Bowl $5

Ask your HipSTIR if we are serving soup or fresh salad of the day – maybe it’s too hot and there’s “no soup for you!”

Chili Cup $3 — Bowl $5


Higgie’s Brownie $3.00

Cinnamon and espresso ganache.

Chocolate Cake $4.00

Sour cream chocolate frosting.

Cookies $1.75

Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter cup.

Cupcakes $3.00

Selection changes daily!

Flourless Chocolate Cake Bomb $4.25

Raspberry jam, chocolate cookie and ganache.

Biscotti $14/pound

Almond Paste Cookies $18/pound

Traditional Italian favorite rolled in toasted sliced almonds.


See what the heck we’ve come up with today!

Fruit Tart $4.00

Buttery short dough crust filled with French pastry cream topped with seasonal fruit.

Cannoli $3.00

Fresh Impastata, sugar and pure vanilla.

Pecan Bars $3.50

Short dough filled with a pecan and honey caramel.



12oz. – $3.25
16oz. – $3.75
20oz. – $4.25

Café au Lait

12oz. – $3.00
16oz. – $3.25
20oz – $3.50


12oz. – $3.50
16oz. – $4.00
20oz. – $4.50

Chai Latte

12oz. – $3.50
16oz. – $4.00
20oz. – $4.50


12oz. – $2.00
16oz. – $2.75
20oz. – $3.00


8oz. – $3.25


Double Shot – $2.75

Hot Chocolate

12oz. – $3.00
16oz. – $3.25
20oz. – $3.50

Red Eye

16oz. – $4.50
20oz. – $4.75


12oz. – $3.50
16oz. – $4.00
20oz. – $4.50


120z. – $3.50
16oz. – $4.00
20oz. – $4.50


120z. – $3.50
16oz. – $4.00
20oz. – $4.50

Add a flavor – $0.50
Add a shot – $0.75

Specials & Combos

Daily Specials

Ask you server about today’s sepcials!

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Combination Plates $10.95

Combine any half salad and half sandwich or cup of soup to create your own lunch special.

“Higgie To-Go” 

Minimum of 4 guests at $10.95 per.*

1/2 sandwich, cup of soup and our house green salad
Add dessert for $3 per person
*For take-out only

Menu prices and availability subject to change without notice.

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